Why branded e-mail accounts matter

E-mail is an essential tool for individuals, organizations, and businesses. We use it to communicate, schedule meetings, send updates, and sell. But if you’re sending email from an account that isn’t branded with your domain, you might be losing potential impact.  

What is branded email, anyway? A branded e-mail account uses your custom domain from your website – for example, hello@daroncreative.co. If you’re using anything but your domain name – such as name@gmail.com or name@freeemail.com – you lose trust with your connections.  

If someone was trying to sell you something and e-mailed you from a gmail.com address – would you trust them? Would you think they were a legitimate company? How would you know where to find them online so that you could purchase what they are selling? 

These are just some of the reasons why having a branded e-mail address is important. Whether you’re applying for a job, selling a product, running a business, or rallying support for your non-profit, branded accounts are a MUST.  

The best part is: they don’t even cost that much. If you already have a domain and a website, there are some services that offer accounts for free. Or, you can integrate your domain with Google Apps or Microsoft 365, and use a program you know and already love, for about $5-6 a month, per account.  

As always, we’re here to help. If you need assistance setting up a branded e-mail account, please e-mail us at hello@daroncreative.co.