How good photography is a trust issue

Photography for your website is something that you can easily skimp on, but it may end up hurting you in the future. Hiring a skilled photographer costs more than snapping your own photos or using what you have on hand, that’s certain. But in the long run, the right photos might mean more customers and building better report.

Trust may not be your first thought when you think of photography for your website. However, someone’s visit to your website might be their first interaction with you. If you were meeting in person, you would do everything you could to gain their trust and impress them. Why not strive to do the same through your website?

A visit to a website is a visual encounter. The words and the photos, along with the design, arrangement, and functionality of those elements, will comprise a first impression just like an initial handshake. Just as with conversation in a face-to-face meeting, your website is an internal conversation that the visitor will remember. Stock photos that don’t fully represent your products or services might lead a potential customer to mistrust you. They may question if they can trust you to deliver when they can’t see it for themselves or suspect that the photo is something you just tossed in to fit a format. However, professional photos taken for a specific purpose will lead to a flawless presentation that will start your relationship with clients off on the right foot.

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