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Websites are like houseplants

Fun To Get

Nice to Look At

Difficult To Maintain

No worries; we handle the upkeep for you.

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$ 45 per month
  • Hosting for up to 10 pages
  • SSL security
  • Quarterly WordPress updates
  • Daily server + off-site backups
  • Quarterly report


$ 65 per month
  • Hosting for unlimited pages
  • SSL security
  • Monthly WordPress updates
  • Daily server + off-site backups
  • Monthly report
  • Content delivery network


$ 100 per month
  • All recommended features plus:
  • Real-time backups
  • WooCommerce support
  • Access to our WooCommerce extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

A starter website is a basic website that has information and contact forms but doesn’t have a lot of pages, media, or shopping cart functionality. It typically receives less than 3,000 visits per month (though, we’ll never shut you off if you go over). Our basic plan includes 2GB of storage space for media. This plan is limited to 5 total pages.

A recommended plan is suitable for a website that has lots of media content (photos, videos, and graphics) and allows for unlimited pages. These sites typically receive less than 10,000 visits per month (again, we won’t ever shut you off if you go over). Our recommended plan includes 5GB of storage space for media. We also include a content delivery network to ensure that your website is as fast as possible.

Our e-commerce plan mirrors our recommended plan with three main differences. 1. These sites typically receive less than 20,000 visits per month. 2. We include support for WooCommerce. 3. We provide daily off-site backups. 

Our landing page plan is a great choice for new sites just starting and needing to get online ASAP. It includes hosting for two pages.

All our plans include basic SSL security certificates that encrypt the information visitors submit on your site. A site secured with SSL means that you see the padlock in your address bar in your browser. Google now shows “not secure” in Chrome if your site does not have SSL enabled. For e-commerce sites, if you’re using Paypal or Stripe as your payment processor, this is also a suitable certificate. For sites not using these payment gateways or if you want higher security, additional options are available.

WordPress updates include updating the core software that runs your website (WordPress), the base theme used to build and style your site, and all of the plugins for additional functionality. Not completing these updates leave your site open to security risks and your site could have functionality issues or break entirely.

A content delivery network is a service provider that works to deliver your website content to users as fast as possible. This is especially useful for sites that have a lot of photos, videos, or graphics.

An off-site backup is a backup that is not located on the same server or server provider as your website. We offer daily server backups on all of our plans. An off-site backup also creates an additional backup on our secure Google storage account.

Your report will include information on all of the updates we make, confirmation of off-site backups, basic Google Analytics metrics (stats on how many people are visiting your site), malware (virus) scanning, and uptime data.

Hosting can be complicated, and different hosts have different methods and control panels. To help streamline things, we’ve partnered with a hosting company to provide our clients an easy and integrated experience with a top performing service provider. You’ll never need to deal with a third party if something goes wrong with your server or hosting package—we handle all of the details.

Yes, at any time. We make it easy to upgrade (or downgrade) plans.

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

We don’t have a contract. However, we do require that our sites be hosted with us and therefore, a plan must be chosen and maintained for your site to function properly.

We do not offer email accounts. We recommend Google Apps or Microsoft 365 as they are the best options for email hosting. We’d be happy to help set one of these options up for you.