Name *
Please write out the logo name exactly as you’d like for it to appear in the design (e.g. Daron Creative LLC or just Daron Creative).
Do you have a short tag line or slogan you will sometimes use, when appropriate, with your logo? If so, we will take this into consideration when designing your logo, but your logo must be able to stand on its own without the tag line as well (e.g. Apple - Think Different, or Nike - Just Do It.).
Are there any well-known logos that you particularly like? What do you like about them and what aspects, if any, would you like to emulate?
Please provide some adjectives that describe what you hope to communicate with your logo (e.g. strong, exciting, warm, welcoming, inventive, humorous, feminine, serene, athletic, etc.).
Do you have any colors that you are just crazy about, which will also be well liked by your audience?
Do you want the logo to feel more traditional and well-established or more modern and aware of current trends?
Do you have any particular images or symbols you associate with your product or company? (e.g. favorite animal or object, like a lion, ship, mountain or tree.)
Style *
What sort of style do you envision? These examples are just a starting point. There aren’t really clean divisions between these categories. Most logos could fall into several categories.