I was born and raised in Plymouth, OH. I studied film (and a little bit of business) at Huntington University, located in Huntington, IN. I love music (basically anything in the top 40), television (Suits, Modern Family, Law & Order SVU, Scandal, Parenthood, to name a few), coffee (my drink of choice is a Mocha or Mocha Frappe), travel (I've lived in Arizona and have traveled to Peru and India), and the game mafia (being mafia is my favorite role). I might also be known to modern dance for a crowd if needed. I strive to be honest and accepting, while always pursuing knowledge and meaning. I'm not normal, but I've come to terms with that. I'm also an indecisive, obsessive, perfectionist, so I change my life goals pretty much every day, but it's all part of the creative process, I swear. I love coffee and meeting new people, so even if you're not interested in the services Daron Creative provides, let's grab coffee so I can know more about what you love in this world. 

Even before I knew the alphabet, I wanted to be a writer. In my parents’ basement are countless notebooks full of scribbly lines and drawings that my four-year-old self called stories. I’ve always loved words, and that’s where my work as a copywriter was born. I also love the variety that can be found in humanity, and getting to help others put their dreams and ambitions into words is an adventure for me. I’m a bit of an outlier with a jumble of interests and hobbies, but that also means that it’s difficult to find someone with whom I have nothing in common. I’ve been seen knitting while I wait for a subwoofer to be installed in my car and translating ancient Hebrew while listening to Japanese pop music in coffee shops. The world is full of interesting topics and studies, and I love sampling from them all.

My goal in this life is to learn a great number of things from the humans around me, and furthermore, learn to love those humans accordingly. I am a life-long learner, exceedingly stubborn, and I unabashedly function with a creative mind. I am most content when I am able to disengage the left side of the brain and be present in the beauty of artistic creation, laughter of friendship, or the calms of observation. I see digital media as an avenue to share goodness with others and am consistently working toward the betterment of my skills and competence, that I may provide goodness all the more. My husband and I currently reside in a tiny red house and are learning the value of minimalism and free community concerts. 

I am a freelance creative, food enthusiast, part-time barista, full-time storyteller, and avid seeker of truth.  I come from the people I love.  At the age of four I began developing my multicultural background (three years in Ukraine, ten years in Thailand), after which I returned stateside to earn my film degree at Huntington University in Indiana where I graduated at the top of my major.  I am now in the process of cultivating an authentic, minimalistic, environment-conscious pursuit of wholeness in humanity, the pervasive nature of beauty, and the experience of unbridled creativity.  I am joined on this venture by my partner and companion, Alli Dozet, in Chattanooga, TN where we currently reside.

I am originally from Fremont, Ohio. I currently live in Cainta, Rizal Philippines where I am a missionary serving at Faith Academy as theater manager, photographer, designer, class advisor and yearbook teacher. I graduated from Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and minors in Bible and Music. After college I studied design and photography through classes, friends and working for a variety of clients while living at Beulah Beach Camp on the shores of Lake Erie where I grew up first attending then working. I have hiked a volcano, been diving in the South China sea, slept in the middle of the jungle and flown to remote tribal locations in a helicopter. I love sleeping in hammocks, drinking pearl milk tea, and reading for hours on end. I am often mistaken as an extrovert but I love people and I see my world as an extraordinary place of hidden meaning and endless possibilities.